An IVP Introduction to the Bible - Story, Themes and Interpretation

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AN IVP INTRODUCTION TO THE BIBLE - Story, themes and interpretation

Philip Johnston (Editor)

Format 152x230, 288 pages

Published by Inter-Varsity Press UK 2006

Published in Romanian by Faclia 2009

The IVP Introduction to the Bible is a reference tool specifically designed to provide the key information we need to study the Bible effectively. Written by experts in biblical studies, it is reliable and rigorous, but also concise and accessible. The book begins with an introduction to the Bible as a whole. It then tells the stories of the Old and New Testaments, explains their background, identifies their key themes and outlines their significance for today. One chapter also surveys the bridging period between them. Central to the volume is an analysis and discussion of every main section of each testament, and of each individual book. So for every part of the Bible, we will find essential information to assist our understanding, and to share with others in our home or study group. If we want to go deeper, we will also find suggestions for further reading.

ed. Philip Johnston

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