Teaching Acts - Unlocking the Book of Acts for the Bible Teacher

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TEACHING ACTS-Unlocking the book of Acts for the Bible Teacher

David Cook

Format 130x200, 290 pages

Published by Christian Focus and The Proclamation Trust in 2007

Published in Romanian by Faclia, 2008

There are commentaries, and there are books on preaching – but very few books that are specifically geared to the preacher or Bible teacher tackling a series on a Bible book or doctrinal theme. Key features of books in this series are introductory chapters on ‘getting our bearings in the book’ and ‘planning a series’. The ‘meat of the book’ then works systematically through a suggested series, working with the Bible teacher from text to sermon or talk. Each chapter ends with a suggested preaching / teaching outline and a detailed Bible study which would be ideal for small groups. Books in this series are aimed at developing confidence in handling God’s Word in a variety of contexts. Whether you are a preacher, a small group leader or youth worker, these books will give you the necessary tools for teaching. Teaching Acts is a welcome addition to the series. Acts is a tough book to teach, but vital to the church in every generation.

David Cook

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