The Beauty of Holiness

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THE BEAUTY OF HOLINESS - A Commentary on the book of Leviticus

Philip H. Eveson

Format 138x210mm; 400 pages

Published by Evangelical Press, UK in 2007

Published by Faclia in 2008

The Beauty of Holiness is laid out quite helpfully in thirty-three very manageable sections, dealing mostly with self-contained units in the text of Leviticus. This arrangement will certainly prove useful for the preacher or teacher who undertakes an exposition of the book of Leviticus, giving him insight into how the text is naturally structured, and how it might best be broken down and headed for maximum clarity. It is also a well-adapted structure for the devotional reader at home: indeed, I can think of few better strategies for a month or so of devotional reading than to read every day one of the suggested portions of Leviticus, together with the corresponding chapter from Eveson. This is not just a commentary for clergy and theologians. It was designed for the everyday Christian who is hungering to know more of the person and work of Christ, the way in which to receive his grace, and the nature of our obligations to him.

Philip Eveson

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