The Heart of the Problem

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THE HEART OF THE PROBLEM - How to Stop Coping and Find the Cure for your Struggles

Henry Brandt, PhD and Kerry L. Skinner

Format 180x230mm: 270 pages

Published by B&H Publishing Group in 1998

Published by Faclia in 2008

In The Heart of the Problem, Dr. Henry Brandt and Kerry L. Skinner trace the origin of all problems–family, finances, career, relationships–back to a single source: life-dominating sin. No human remedy can cure it. But everyone can find victory over sin in the Word of God. The Heart of the Problem will confront you with your own difficult, bewildering walk through sin, then show you how to find and memorize the scriptural defenses God has given you for every situation. Dozens of compelling, real-life stories offer examples of how God shapes and transforms the lives of sinners everyday, turning them away from the world's false counsel and flawed reasoning, toward the path of righteousness and ultimate victory.

Henry Brandt & Kerry L. Skinner

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