What Kind of God?

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WHAT KIND OF GOD? - Responses to 10 popular accusation

Michael Ots

Format 140 x 210 mm

158 pagini 

„Most of the questions I get asked are about God himself, and not so much about the existence as his character”, explains Michael Ots. „What kind of God is he? How can he be good when he authorizes war, allows suffering, represses our sexuality, punishes his own Son, and excludes people on the basis of their beliefs, condemning them to hell?”

This book started life as a series of lunchtime talks to non-Christians, and the author has takes on board further questions and discussions along the way. Here is an attempt to answer real, and often difficult, questions honestly.

A great defence of Christianity as public truth from a briliant communicator.

Marcus Honeysett


Easy to read, relevant, enthusiastic

Roger Carswell

Michael Ots

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