Lessons for Life 1

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230 pages, paperback, illustrated



Here are Sunday School lessons with a distinctive challenge for young people growing up in these perilous times. They avoid the presentation of Bible narratives as mere stories, so that the Word of God speaks powerfully to the young, pressing home the great arguments and appeals of the Gospel. These lessons, proved for over twenty-five years in Sunday Schools of all sizes (and situated in some of Britain's toughest communities), have been revised by the author for all who want soul-winning to be the keynote of their Sunday School ministry. They provide a memorable view of all the major events and doctrines of the Bible, and are supplemented by excellent visual aid suggestions and drawings. The Lessons for Life books visual aids (see below) help to apply the lesson and captivate the children's attention. The four volumes provide a lesson series extending over four years. Each lesson contains sufficient material to suit all age-groups, so that teachers may select the amount of narrative and application appropriate for their class.

The final volume in the series includes a presentation of the ten commandments, specially prepared to equip the young to face the alarming challenges of these morally perilous last days.

Lessons for Life books have already been translated into Russian, Chinese and Romanian. They have also been enthusiastically greeted by parents for use in family devotions, and by speakers preparing talks for young people's, men's and women's meetings. The full four-year syllabus is shown below.

[Jill Masters has given much of her life to the work of Sunday Schools, including responsibility for Britain's largest. She is well-known as a speaker to gatherings of teachers in Britain, the Far East, Australia and South Africa.]



Lessons for Life 1 (lessons 1-46)

  • Miracles Demonstrating Jesus' Power (Mark's Gospel - Part I)
  • The Lord's saving power seen in His power over nature, death, the devil, human need and illness (5 lessons)
  • In the Beginning (Genesis - Part I)
  • The truth about God, creation and the Fall, with the earliest salvation testimonies (6 lessons)
  • Opposition to Jesus (Mark's Gospel - Part II)
  • Examples of key sins - prejudice, pride, hardness, hate, etc - seen in the Lord's opponents, and to be repented of by all (6 lessons)
  • Highlights from the Conversion and Preaching Journeys of Paul (Acts - Part I)
  • Evangelistic lessons from the life (and converts) of the apostle (8 lessons)
  • God's Great Plans (Genesis - Part II)
  • Character studies from Abraham to Joseph showing the power and goodness of God towards His people (12 lessons)
  • The 'I AM' Sayings of the Lord Jesus (John's Gospel)
  • Exalting the Saviour through His own great metaphors - the Living Water, the Bread of Life, etc (9 lessons)
Jill Masters

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