Holy Subversion

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HOLY SUBVERSION - Allegiance to Christ in an age of rivals

Trevin Wax

Format 135x200, 180 pages

Christians are too often guilty of pledging their allegiance to the influential principalities and powers of this age rather than to Christ alone. In Holy Subversion, Trevin Wax challenges such behavior by urging a return to the subversive lifestyle of the earliest Christians. Their proclamation and demonstration that "Jesus is Lord" directly opposed the Caesar worship of their day.

Today, Christians in the West must choose between Jesus and our "Caesars": self, success, money, leisure, sex, power. What would it look like, asks Wax, if today's church reclaimed the communal, subversive nature of the gospel, intentionally undermining all contenders for our devotion? How would the message that "Jesus is Lord" change our thinking about our jobs, our families, and our church participation? Here this gifted pastor-theologian offers help in taking our faith public, dethroning modern-day Caesars, honoring the Lordship of Christ, and understanding the church as the ultimate counterculture-an embodiment of Christ's supremacy over all.


Trevin Wax (MDiv, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is an editor at LifeWay Christian Resources and author of two books. Prior to that, he served as the minister of education and missions at First Baptist Church in Shelbyville, Tennessee. In addition to speaking at youth and college-age events, he blogs at www.trevinwax.com, where he also writes book reviews and hosts interviews with leading contemporary theologians and thinkers.

Trevin Wax

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