Darwin and Darwinism 150 Years Later - Biblical Faith and the Christian Worldview

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DARWIN AND DARWINISM 150 YEARS LATER- Biblical faith ad the Christian worldview

Ian McNaughton si Paul Taylor

Format 135x200, 142 paesi

Published in English by Day One Publications, 2009

This excellent book explains how theistic evolution is not a reconciliation of science with the Bible but a damaging union of humanism and the Bible."

Stuart Burgess, Professor of Design and Nature, UK, and author of Hallmarks of Design

In 1859 Charles Robert Darwin published On the Origin of Species, a book that has had a profound impact on the Western world ever since. Why was this book and its ideas so popular? There can be no reason other than that the public were ready to embrace an alternative to the biblical creation account.

Here Ian McNaughton and Paul Taylor review Charles Darwin's religious ideas, setting them in the context of his background and family, and examine his evolutionary claims in the light of the Bible, which sets forth a worldview consistent with faith in God. 

Ian McNaughton & Paul Taylor

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