Freedom to Believe - Challenging Islam's Apostasy Law

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 FREEDOM TO BELIEVE - Challenging Islam's apostasy law

Patrick Sookhdeo

Format 138 x 200 mm; 230 pages

Published in partnership with Emanuel University

Translated by Samuil MARUSCA

Editor: Dr. Paul NEGRUT

"Islam is a one-way street. Non-Muslims can convert to Islam, but freedom to convert from Islam is denied to Muslims. All schools of Islamic Law specify the death penalty for an adult male Muslim who chooses to leave Islam. The law can also impose other penalties on apostates. Change is only possible if the apostasy law is repealed. This book focuses on:

  • the Muslim teaching on apostasy from Islamic sources
  • the debate amongst Muslims about the apostasy law
  • the treatment of converts from Islam
Patrick Sookhdeo

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