1689 Baptist Confession of Faith: A modern Exposition

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A Modern Exposition of the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith by Samuel Waldron is truly a gift to reformed Baptists everywhere. At 565 pages, not including the references at the end of the book, this exposition proves itself to be highly valuable for anyone wishing to further their understand of the Baptist confession of faith.

In his introduction, Waldron makes the case why confessions are necessary and should be used. He mentions that in our day it is so easy to find false teachers, all of whom use Scripture to support their claims. Because of this Waldron concludes, "when men use the very words of the Bible to promote heresy, when the Word of truth is perverted to serve error, nothing less than a confession of faith will serve publicly to draw the line between truth and error." You will often hear Christians say that they have "no creed but Christ." While this may sound good, if you were to ask 10 different Christians a handful of theological questions, you would probably come back with two handfuls of different answers. A creed or confession, simply outlines the beliefs that a group or church have found to be the truths of Scripture. This is an important realization for Christians to come to. Whether you have a written creed/confession or not, you hold to certain theological truths that others do not, and disagree with others on various points. It is also important to point out that "the great reformed confessions do not claim to make anything truth that was not truth before; nor do they propose to bind men to believe anything which they are not already obligated to believe on the authority of Scripture." Confessions help to systematize 'old truths.' I am glad that Waldron worked through these thoughts in the introduction, as there is much confusion and misinformation about creeds and confessions today.

Samuel E. Waldron
Hardback cover
Original title:
1689 Baptist Confession of Faith: A modern Exposition

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