The Life and Letters of Henry Martyn

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The Life and Letter of Henry Martyn

John Sargent

Henry Martyn was born in 1781, studied at Cambridge, and was accordingly recognized as the University's best undergraduate mathematician. He had, moreover, a considerable facility in languages. Under the encouragement of Charles Simeon, he abandoned his intention of going into law and instead went to India as a chaplain in 1806. In the six remaining years of his life, he translated the New Testament into Hindi and Persian, revised an Arabic translation of the New Testament, and translated the Psalter into Persian and the Prayer Book into Hindi. In 1811 he left India for Persia, hoping to do further translations and to improve his existing ones, there and in Arabia. But travel in those days was not a healthy occupation, and he fell ill and eventually died at Tokat on October 16, 1812. He was buried by the Armenian church there, with the honours ordinarily reserved for one of their own bishops.

John Sargent

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