Why 1 John 5:7-8 is in the Bible

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Several of the Society’s supporters (Trinitarian Bible Society) have written asking about the inclusion of 1 John 5.7–8, the so-called Johannine Comma, in the Bible. These supporters have found versions which omit the passage without mention;they have found writers who argue against the inclusion of the passage; they have found preachers who avoid the passage in order to avoid the controversy. These supporters believe the passage rightly belongs in the Scriptures, as does the Society, as did the writers of the Westminster Confession of Faith and as have godly men throughout the centuries. Three of these men, whose influential works span three centuries— Matthew Henry, R. L. Dabney and Edward Hills—upheld this passage in their writings. The purpose of this article is to allow these men to address this issue and give their reasons for the inclusion of the Johannine Comma.
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