His love endures for ever - Reflections on the love of God

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The repeated refrain of Psalm 136 is that God's love endures for ever. In the words of Samuel Francis's hymn, the 'deep, deep love of Jesus' is 'vast, unmeasured, boundless, free ... rolling as a mighty ocean ... full of blessing'.

Indeed, 'God is love' (1 John 4:8, 16). This is one of the most wonderful statements in the Bible. It is a revelation of the very heart of God. However, it is also a statement that can be misunderstood or distorted when it is made to conform to common cultural assumptions. With wrong definitions of love pressing in upon us, it is urgent that we rightly discern the true, biblical revelation of God's love.

Garry Williams offers a form of inoculation against mistaken accounts that flatten the differences between divine and human love. He sets out these differences by interpreting God's love in the midst of his trinitarian life and other divine attributes.

In each chapter, doctrinal exploration is followed by a meditation that asks questions and invites spiritual reflection, and then by a closing prayer that brings together doctrinal truths and meditation into praise, confession and petition. Williams shows that God's love is the 'love of every love the best', and that this majestic, glorious and unfathomable love will be our inexhaustible eternal occupation.

Garry J. Williams

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