The Generosity Project - Learn, pray and work together to become the big-hearted people God calls us to be

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In Christian circles, 'generosity' is often code for giving money. But generosity is about far more than money. God is lavishly generous towards us in a thousand ways, and most of all in the grace of the gospel. God's powerful generosity through the gospel not only saves us, but sets us free to live a new, big-hearted life - life which is no longer turned inwards on ourselves, but which flows out to others with an open, generous hand. The Generosity Project is a set of resources to help you discover and live this new, generous life. Through this book and its free online videos, you'll work with a small group of other Christians to engage with what the Bible says about generosity, read or watch input from leading pastor-teachers, and work out what it all means in practice in your life.


Part 1: A world built on generosity
Part 2: The inward curve of the heart
Part 3: A new, generous life
Part 4: Money and the new life
Part 5: The partnership of the generous
Part 6: Reflection, action and prayer
Tony Payne & Geoff Robson

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