God's Way in Evangelism

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God’s Way in Evangelism

Paul Bassett

Format 145x210 mm; 175 pages

Published by Evangelical Press 1981

Published by Faclia in 1996

What is the most beautiful thing in the world? Whenever and wherever in the world a man declares to his fellow men the gospel of God's salvation, God still says, 'How beautiful!' ... for ultimately this is the only message that matters to God, since it is the restoration of God's beauty to the ugliness of man's world. As the author looks again at Scripture to rediscover what the evangelistic message for a needy society really is, and what methods should be employed to take this message to the world, he reminds us of the exciting truth that 'God can give, not only a new age of great preachers, but a new age of great power.'

Paul Bassett

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